WAVERLY – The paperwork required to begin the recall process of Waverly City Council Member Bill Gerdes has been filed with the Lancaster County Election Commissioner.

Dave Shively, county election commissioner, confirmed that the necessary paperwork was filed Thursday, Oct. 3, by Eric S. Angell of Waverly.

Angell said in his filing papers that the reason for the recall was Gerdes’ “failure to act upon the concerns of his constituents,” and that Gerdes “has shown a clear lack of regard to the people he represents.”

With the paperwork filed Shively said that Gerdes will receive a notice of the recall via certified mail.

Gerdes will have 20 days to supply a response that will go on the petition that is circulated.

Once the response is received, Shively said that the election commission will take about four to five days to produce the petitions and provide them to the primary circulator, Angell.

Angell will need 226 signatures from those living in Gerdes’ ward, Ward 2, to trigger the actual recall vote.

Gerdes was elected to the council in 2018 after defeating Gregory Rickers with 54-percent of the vote.

The recall vote will be a simple “yes” or “no” vote as to whether Gerdes should be recalled. There is no challenger listed on the ballot.

Gerdes declined to comment on the recall as of press time as he had not yet received the letter officially detailing the recall.

Gerdes said in an email that he would comment when he received the letter.

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