WAVERLY – The Waverly City Council authorized the mayor to sign an agreement with School District 145 for the purchase of a small parcel of land.

The council approved the authorization at its May 12 meeting, which was conducted using a virtual meeting platform.

The .3 acres of land is adjacent to the Riley Second Addition to North 140th Street. It will be used for the public purchase of public roadway and right-of-way.

City Attorney Mark Fahleson advised the council that he has been in negotiations with the school district over the price and terms of the agreement. He said the school district’s representatives had suggested an amendment that included terms that Fahleson said the city was not in favor of.

“They simply attached some conditions we simply can’t recommend you agree to,” he said.

If the city can’t reach an agreement with the school district, Fahleson said he will file action to claim eminent domain, which gives a government entity the right to take private property and convert it to public use and to provide just compensation to the property owners.

Fahleson said the city has offered a price of $13,000 to the school district, which is a little higher than they initially proposed, but is “in the ballpark of reasonableness,” he added.

The council also approved an agreement for engineering services with JEO Consulting Group for a water drainage project.

Ross Lawrence of JEO attended the meeting via teleconference and informed the council that he will be the project manager and contact for the project.

JEO will charge the city up to $27,855 for engineering services to assist the city with design, permitting and bidding for sediment removal and drainage channel/ditch improvements for four sites. The agreement will also include construction observation.

Site 1 is the Ash Hollow drainage channel, which runs from the south end at the Amberly Road box culvert to the north end at the Highway 6 box culvert. The project will remove silt buildup in the 40-foot wide section.

Bluff Road and North 148th Street is the second site for the project. There an existing ditch north of the box culvert on Bluff Road at North 150th Street that is restricted and causes water to pond.

At Site 3, the ditch runs from North 134th Street and Amberly Road to the north to Highway 6. It crosses the highway with two concrete storm sewer pipes and turns northeast, running between the railroad tracks and the highway, and then empties at the railroad bridge and goes north.

The fourth site is at Highway 6 on the north ditch line, starting at Ash Hollow channel on the west to North 148th Street on the east. There is a small ditch that runs to North 148th along the north side of the highway. At North 141st Street, there is a storm sewer pipe that is filled with silt, and the ditch contains ruts from railroad maintenance vehicles.

The project is estimated to take four months to complete.

The council asked Lawrence how the extra dirt will be disposed of. Lawrence said the city can use it if they have use for it, or can stockpile it for use later.

City Administrator Stephanie Fisher said they will likely take it to the wastewater treatment plant.

In her report, Fisher informed the council that the jetting of sewer mains is planned. She also reminded citizens that baby wipes and other similar items that may be labeled “flushable” are not allowed to be placed in the city sewer systems to prevent issues with sewer lines backing up.

“It gets caught on anything else that may be in the sewer lines,” Fisher said.

Fisher also asked residents to be mindful of nuisances such as overgrown grass or weeds now that spring is here.

“Please be kind to your fellow neighbor and keep your property up well,” she said.

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