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NO TAKERS: The Village of Eagle tried to auction off the Quonset building (at right) during an auction on Saturday, but there were no takers. The Village Board of Trustees will not have to decide how to get rid of the building, as they have plans to rezone and sell the property. (Staff Photo by Suzi Nelson)

EAGLE – The Village of Eagle held an auction on Saturday morning to sell surplus items, including a Quonset hut that had formerly been used as the village maintenance building.

But the building did not sell during the auction, according to Travis Moore, chairman of the village’s Board of Trustees.

The village board held its regular meeting Monday night, but the building was not on the agenda so they did not decide what to do with it yet, said Moore. The issue will be placed on a future agenda to reconsider demolition bids, he added.

“We’ll regroup and take another look at it,” he said.

The board was already planning to demolish the former village office, which is located adjacent to the maintenance building. They had gotten bids for demolition of both buildings, Moore said, but wanted to see if someone would buy the Quonset first before tearing it down.

“We thought we’d offer it for sale first,” he said.

When the buildings are gone, the board will rezone the area to residential, which is what is in the village’s future land use plans, Moore said. Then they will sell the property, he added.

Other surplus items were also on the auction block on Saturday.

“We sold quite a bit of stuff,” said Moore.

Earlier in the week, the village held a book giveaway at the park. Moore said there were nearly 1,000 books set out for people to take for free.

“We got rid of 75%,” he said.

The rest were put on the auction, but didn’t sell. Moore said they are considering donating the books to the local school, a church that has a lending library, or libraries in area communities.

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