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Q: I live in South Carolina and share a private road with my neighbor. The neighbor owns the first several hundred feet, and then I own a bit more, and then he owns a tad more on the tail end. My neighbor just informed me that they plan on putting a fence up. That fence would block my entry to my property. Can I legally block them from putting up a fence? Can I put up a fence on my portion of the road to keep them from using my section and getting to the rear portion of their land?

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The EU agrees that the Northern Ireland arrangements are not working well. On Wednesday, it offered proposals to ease the burden by cutting checks on food, plant and animal products by 80% and paperwork for transport companies in half.

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WAHOO – The surroundings for the Saunders County Board of Supervisors meeting were a lot different from a normal meeting last week. 

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WAVERLY – Work will proceed with the city website redesign project after the Waverly City Council approved an agreement with Simplified Online…

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