The City of Wahoo is accepting

sealed bids on several projects to

be completed in the 2019 construction

season. Bids for four

separate projects, as described

below, are being accepted until

2:00 p.m. on Monday, July 1, 2019

at City Hall, 605 North Broadway,

Wahoo, NE 68066.

The work is generally described as:

2019 Projects – Project 1 – 7th &

Broadway Drainage Improvements

– Removal and replacement of approach

of 7th Street at Broadway,

improvements to storm water

drainage, and handicapped sidewalk

approaches in intersection.

2019 Projects – Project 2 – 6th &

Broadway Drainage South Side of

Fire Station/City Hall – Repairs to

the concrete approaches to the

Fire Station on the south side, installation

of storm water drainage

from the Fire Station, installation

of storm water drainage from City

Hall, and sidewalk repairs.

2019 Projects – Project 3 – 6th &

Broadway Drainage East Side of

City Hall – Installation of storm

water drainage from City Hall on

east side of City Hall.

2019 Projects – Project 4 – 6th &

Broadway Drainage North Side of

Fire Station – Installation of storm

water drainage from Fire Station

on north side of Fire Station and

repairs to concrete parking area

and drive.

All proposals for said construction

work must be made on blanks

furnished by the City of Wahoo.

Contractors will be required to

provide a certificate of insurance

coverage showing general liability,

property, and worker’s compensation

coverage as required in

the contract documents. Copies of

plans for the work to be completed

and sample contract documents

are available at City Hall,

605 North Broadway, Wahoo, or by

requesting information from harre via email. Interested

parties can also contact City

Hall at 402-443-3222 for information.

Interested parties may provide

a bid for one or for all four

projects but each project must be

bid independent of the other. Contracts

for each project will be

awarded separately.

The City reserves the right to

waive informalities and irregularities

and to make awards on bids

which furnish materials and construction

that will, in their opinion,

serve the best interests of the

City, and also reserves the right to

reject any and/or all bids for a

project or for all projects described



Melissa M. Harrell

City Administrator/Treasurer

52033; 6/13, 6/20, 6/27

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