The Village of Prague is accepting

sealed bids for the re-roofing

project of the Centennial Apartments

building located at 203

West Center Avenue, Prague, NE

68050. Bids are being accepted

until 2:00pm on Thursday, April 9,

2020 at Village Offices, 401 West

Center Avenue, Prague, NE 68050.


-Contractor to remove, replace

and dispose of existing shingles

and roofing material-excluding the

3 lower porches (north, east &


-Contractor to remove and replace

the 3 flat roof sections with EPDM

roofing material.

-Contractor to install ice and water

membrane on eaves and valleys.

-Contractor to install roofing

underlayment on areas not covered

by ice and water membrane.

-Contractor to install headwall,

step and counter flashings at all

roof/wall intersections.

-Contractor to replace all pipe

penetration boots.

-Contractor to replace all valley

and perimeter flashing with new

prefinished flashings.

-Contractor to install proper intake

and exhaust vents.

-Contractor to replace all roof edgings

and gutter apron with new

prefinished flashings.

-Contractor to clean up entire

work (all nails and other


work area (all nails and other materials).

A Pre-Bid Meeting will be held

on March 31, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. at

203 West Center Avenue Prague,

Nebraska. All Contractors planning

to submit a bid are strongly

encouraged to attend this Pre-Bid

Meeting to fully ascertain the

scope of work. A village representative

will be in attendance to answer

any questions.

Bidders will be required to provide

Bid security in the form of a Bid

Bond of a sum no less than 5 percent

of the Bid Amount.

Bid security shall be made payable

to the Village of Prague and will be

held by the Owner. In case the bid

is accepted and the Bidder neglects

or refuses to enter into contract

and furnish a bond in accordance

there with, the bid security

will be forfeited.

All offers will be required to be

submitted under a condition of irrevocability

for a period of 30 days

after submission.

The Owner reserves the right to

accept or reject any or all offers.


Bid form and spec sheets can be

requested from the Village Office,

401 West Center Avenue, Prague,

NE 68050; phone-(402)663-5235; e

Bids signed, executed, and dated

will be received at the Village of

Prague’s offices located at 401

West Center Avenue, Prague, Nebraska

until 2:00 p.m., local standard

time on Thursday, April 9,


Offers submitted after the above

time shall be returned to the bidder


Offers will be opened publicly at

7:15pm, April 9, 2020 at the Village

of Prague’s Offices.

Amendments to the submitted offer

will be permitted if received in

writing prior to bid closing and if

endorsed by the same party or

parties who signed and sealed the


Where the specification stipulates

a particular product, substitutions

will be considered up to 5 days before

receipt of bids. All substitutions

must still meet or exceed the

performance specified.

Direct all questions and substitution

requests to Village Offices,

401 West Center Avenue, Prague,

NE 68050, telephone; (402)663-

5235, email: villageofprague@nntc.


Bidders must examine the project

site before submitting a bid and

thus Bidders should plan to attend

the Pre-Bid meeting. If this date

and time does not work, please

make arrangements with the project

contact to visit the project site

prior to the bid date.

Liability Insurance: The contractor

will be required to provide proof of

liability insurance.

Builders Risk Insurance: The contractor

will be required to obtain

Builders Risk Insurance. Include

the cost of the insurance in the Bid


Performance Assurance: Accepted

Bidder shall provide a Performance

and Payment bond.

Sale and Use Taxes: The Village of

Prague is a tax-exempt entity.

Village of Prague

Kelly Havlovic

Village Clerk

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