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Yutan Third Grade tell about their favorite thing about Christmas

Yutan Third Grade tell about their favorite thing about Christmas

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Yutan Elementary School Third grade students tell about their Favorite Holiday and their Favorite Thing about Christmas.

One of my favorite times of the year is Christmas. I like to read my Bible that Mrs. Shannon got me this year. I like to read my Bible at nighttime.

Another thing that I like to do is play in the snow with my brothers. After we play, we like to drink hot cocoa. It warms me up.

I like to be with my family on Christmas. I go to my grandma's house in Yutan or sometimes to my other grandma's house in Fairbury. My grandma makes pies. My favorite kind of pie is pumpkin pie. I like to have whipped cream on my pie.

Haley B.

My Favorite Holiday.

I go outside to play in the snow. I make snowmen and forts. I put snowmen into the forts. I make snowballs and put them in my hideout so I am ready to have a snowball fight when we do have one. I make all kinds of stuff in the snow.

We decorate the tree with everything we have to put on it - like all of the houses, snowmen, Santa Claus, and others. All of the houses, snowmen, and Santa Claus are made out of the stuff that vases are made out of. We decorate with lights. We put stuff on our doors.

We get video games, toy guns, bikes, scooters, and little army guys. I hope you like Christmas. Ho, ho, ho.

Austin B.

One of the Best Seasons is Christmas

I like Christmas because I like my family, playing in the snow, and helping other people.

My family is a nice family. We play with our presents. My sister is cute. We like the presents. We think they are cool. My sister is cute, and my brother, my mom, and my dad are nice. My mom and dad are a nice mom and dad.

My brother, Markus, and I play in the snow. We make snow angels. We throw snowballs at each other just for fun. It feels good to go into our warm house when we are done.

My mom and dad are nice. I am happy I have a family. Some people are homeless and some are not. If I get money, I will give it to a homeless person. I would like to give some of my presents to homeless children.

Conner C.

My favorite thing about Christmas is opening presents. I open presents at my Grandma's house first. Some can be big, some can be small. Some can be toys, some can be money, and some can be clothes. It is fun opening presents on Christmas morning. After we open presents, we get to play with them. Then the family gets to play games together. Then I go home and open presents from my mom and dad, my brother, Caleb, and my littlest brother, CJ.

Haley C.

My Favorite Christmas Traditions

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. I sometimes go to my grandma and grandpa's house. My aunts and uncles and all of my cousins come too. When we are there, we sometimes have a feast and watch the Christmas parade on TV. For breakfast my grandma always makes cinnamon rolls. Then we open presents. It is fun.

We go sledding a lot. I always have snowball fights with my cousins. It is fun. We always watch a movie on Christmas Eve. We have a special feast. We have pie, cake, and ham. We always make fudge for Santa and us to eat.

Christmas is fun.

Beau H.

The Best Christmas Ever

Christmas is fun because I like giving presents. It's fun to do, it makes me happy, and I like tying them. I also like spending time with my family - like going to my grandma's, eating food until I can't eat another bite. I like opening presents and getting cool new stuff. But what I like the most is getting presents because of really cool video games and so, so much new toys. One Christmas Day I got this cool new game, and it was called 'Need for 'Speed'. The game was so fun to play, and before long I beat the high score on the game. I kept on playing the game all day long to beat the record. It was the very best Christmas I've ever had in my life.

Trey G.

Jesse's Christmas

One of my favorite times of the times of the year is Christmas season. I like to go and eat with my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. I eat mashed potatoes and gravy and other things.

We do down a hill in Arlington. It is called the Keiser hill. It is named after my last name. We play in the snow and make snow castles. Then we all have snowball fights.

Then we get warmed up with some cocoa and sing songs and read book with cousins.

Jesse K.

The Best Christmas

My favorite thing about Christmas is opening my presents. On Christmas Eve night I get really excited. Sometimes I open my presents in my room.

This Christmas is really special because it is my niece's first Christmas. I can't wait to see her open her presents. She always laughs when she is excited.

My mom is busy in the kitchen making treats. I love the treats that my mom makes.

I can't wait to see my niece open her first present for Christmas. When she opens her first present, she will laugh. I think my niece would like diapers for Christmas.


The Wonderful Christmas

Christmas is a big deal at my house. Usually I get lots of presents. My three favorite parts about Christmas are playing the snow, decorating the tree, and getting presents.

When I play in the snow I like to go sledding. My sister goes with me. My dad pushes me down the hill. I make paths down the hill.

I also like decorating the tree. When I decorate the tree I only put on my Christmas ornaments. My sister puts her ornaments on, and my dad puts on the sports ornaments.

I usually get lots of presents from my mom and dad, my uncles, my aunts, and grandmas. When we go to my uncle's and aunt's house, we get a present. Last year I got candy. My uncles and aunts names are Uncle Lance and Aunt Shelly. They have two girls. Their names are Alyssa and Julia. They are older than me.

I really like getting presents, decorating the tree, and playing in the snow. That's why Christmas is a big hit for my family.

Brennan J.

What I Do on Christmas

One of my favorite times of Christmas is decorating. I like decorating the tree, and I love putting on the lights. Putting on the lights is fun, but putting on the star is my favorite part of decorating the tree. I put a lot of decorations up, and it looks so pretty. That's why I love decorating the Christmas tree.

My favorite part of opening presents is that you get new toys. Then my mom takes pictures with us and our new toys. Then after she takes pictures, we play with our new toys. It is exciting when you open your present because you don't know what you're getting.

On Christmas we make a yummy dessert, and we eat it. First we have to put the ingredients in, and then when you get all the ingredients together, you cook it. It is really good. I wish we could make a thousand desserts!

That's what makes Christmas special for me.

Christina K.

My Special Christmas

One of my favorite seasons is Christmas. I enjoy decorating my grandpa's and grandma's house. My mom comes over, and we decorate the Christmas tree. We decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments and lights. When we are done with the Christmas tree, it looks good.

We also have snowball fights. I play with Jason, Jacob, and Rhett. I always win. My brother plays with us sometimes. We play at Itan Park.

We make snowforts at Itan Park too. We each have our own fort to ourselves. We have snowballs in our forts. When we are done, we go to Jason's house and drink hot cocoa.

Gage K.

The Best Christmas Ever

One of my favorite holidays Is Christmas. One of the first things we do for Christmas is to put up our tree and decorate it. My mom and I put the Christmas lights on.

When my family and I go to church we pray to God. We sing Christmas songs. After church we get snacks.

My family and I love to watch NFL games over the holiday. We like to order pizza and eat chips and dip. We love to watch the Detroit Lions. They are a good team. They played Houston, Texas, and Detroit Lions lost.


My Favorite Christmas

One of my favorite times of the year is the Christmas season. I enjoy finding my elf on the shelf, Buddy. I find him in the whole house. This is a tradition.

What I enjoy most of all is playing in the snow. I like throwing snowballs at my dad. We always make snowforts. I love making snowmen. They are so fun.

The last thing I love is eating Christmas dinner. I eat tons of food. We go to my grandma's in Gretna for Christmas. We get to spend the night.

Finding Buddy, playing the snow, and eating Christmas diner makes me love Christmas.

Heidi K.

Best Christmas Ever

Christmas is a big deal at my house. I like doing these things on Christmas: going to parties, getting presents, and decorating the tree.

I like to put lights and balls on our tree. It is a fake tree, but it looks real. It is short and fat. We put it in the corner of our living room. My little brothers and sisters try to knock over the tree.

Then my family goes to a party. We have a big feast there. Then we watch football and play Monopoly. I am usually the car. I never really get to go first. Usually my brother wins, and he gets to throw all the money in the air. Then it is time to go.

Then we open our presents in the morning at six o'clock. Last year I got a lot of Legos for Christmas. It was a Lego cop car and a fire truck. This year I want a Lego semi.

I like to spend time with my family going to parties, getting presents from Santa, and decorating the tree. That is why Christmas is a big hit for my family.

Casey S.

My Favorite Things about Christmas

On Christmas I have snowball fights with my friends. When we have snowball fights, we build snowforts.

Then we come inside and have hot cocoa. (I always drink the most.) We decorate the tree. My baby brother Jaxsyn always tries to pull down the ornaments.

Jason S.

The Super Christmas

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is to decorate the house. I like putting up the tree and hanging all the ornaments. I also like putting up the lights around the house.

Another thing that I like about Christmas is all the trees. I enjoy making cookies and brownies. I really enjoy eating them.

The thing I like most about Christmas is having family time. We always watch a Christmas movie. We also play games. My very favorite part is opening presents.

Jasper S.

The Wonderful Christmas

We always meet at Grandma's house, and we play games. We play snowball fights. We like the igloos we build. My Grandma gets a real tree. We always decorate my uncle's tree. It's awesome. We love it because it is awesome. I like Christmas Day. It was cool last Christmas. We have stuff to do on Christmas Eve - like make cookies. I also like how everyone gets to sleep at Grandma's house. The first one to go to sleep at night gets to wake up Grandma in the morning. Last year my brother was the first one asleep. We get lots of presents. That is awesome!

Jacob S.

A Very Good Christmas

In my family we always open presents on Christmas morning. It is always fun to open them. Then we play with them. This is a tradition on my dad's side of the family. We open in order. The order is youngest to oldest and oldest to youngest.

I love to decorate the tree. It is really hard to carry our GIGANTIC ornament boxes. They are SO heavy that our dad has to do it. Next we put on the lights. It looks so cool! Then we sleep by it BEFORE Christmas instead of on Christmas.

Going to relative's houses is awesome because it is fun to play with them and open MORE presents. They have really cool toys and games. Then we watch NFL football. We always have a good Christmas.

Caelin W.

Ninja Christmas

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the presents. I like to unwrap them. I like to decorate the tree. We put different colored light on the tree. I like to play in the snow. I use a stick and draw in the snow. When I lay down, I can make a snow angel. We drive around and look at the houses with pretty lights. I really like Christmas. It is my favorite holiday.

Seth T.

Carie Bedlan’s third grade class at Yutan Elementary School tell about their favorite thing about Christmas.

I like to make snacks for Santa and his reindeer. I have carrots for the reindeer and cookies for Santa.

I like to have paper fights with wrapping paper after opening presents. It is super fun! Of course, I always win the fight.

Sometimes we drive around our town and look at lights. I think they're cool. My sister thinks they are pretty.

I like to have Christmas parties at school with my friends. We play games and we get presents! It's fun! Sometimes we listen to Christmas songs too!

Jacob Butler

One of my favorite things to do on Christmas Day is to make Christmas cookies with my family. They are sugar cookies that are shaped like people or houses. It is a tradition to do it in my family.

I also like watching Christmas movies with my family in my house. I let my pets run around the house. We make popcorn and hot cocoa. We all get on the couch and watch movies. We like to watch Home Alone and Tom and Jerry.

We do one more fun thing and that is looking at Christmas lights with my family. They are pretty and so very bright. Sometimes we go with my grandma and grandpa. That is the three things we do on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas!

Hayley Witte

I go to my grandma's house. See my cousin Garrett, open my presents. My grandma makes chocolate cake that is very sweet and very good. Garrett and I are best friends. We like to play together.

We like to watch Tom and Jerry, The Magic Ring. It is super funny. At my house I will watch Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, and The Grinch. I hope I can watch them all.

I celebrate Jesus by praying before I open my presents. At all of my grandma's houses we pray before we eat anything. We also pray before we open our presents.

Carter Tichota

I like to put on the star on the Christmas tree. Sometimes my mom has to lift me up to reach the top. I also like to put the ornaments on the tree.

I like to drink cocoa because it tastes good and it keeps me warm after I go sledding.

I like to write letters to Santa because he will put me on the nice list, not the naughty list. I want to have more presents than my brother, father, and sister.

Rhett Larson

My favorite thing to do on Christmas is open presents on Christmas morning. My sister and I have to take turns opening our gifts. It is always hard to wait for my turn.

I also like to decorate the tree. My favorite part of decorating is putting the star on top. I love to make cookies for Santa. We usually make chocolate chip and peanut butter. We give Santa cookies to keep his tummy full during his long night.

Abi Burkholder

I am going sledding with my family at the big lagoon. There is a big steep hill at the lagoon. Dad, Mom, sister, and I use the snowboard! Then we will go home and drink hot cocoa and go to bed.

When it snows I will get a bucket and make an igloo. My family will help make an igloo. Dad, Mom, sister and I will stuff the bucket with snow. Then we stack it to make an igloo. When it is secure we hide under it and have a snowball fight.

When it is Christmas morning I will open presents. The best present that I want is a PSP, trampoline, ramp, a sled, and a watch.

Sam Petersen

My favorite thing to do on Christmas is playing in the snow. We have a snowball fight and build forts. I want to put cold water on my forts so I can have ice armor. I will make an emergency ice ball. It will be fun, but it will hurt a lot.

I also like sledding. I will not go sledding if my dad doesn't put something over our mailbox. Our mailbox is made of steel. It is in the way of our sledding path. If we run into the mailbox we will get hurt. I like to put a whole bunch of snow in front of my sledding spot so I can go faster.

I also like to open presents with my family. I go to my papa and grandma's on Christmas Eve. We get a lot of presents on Christmas Eve and on Christmas.

Josh Wager

I like making Christmas cookies with my dad. It is fun. I shape the cookies and he bakes them. We both decorate them. We give Santa milk, too!! I also like making gingerbread houses with my family. We decorate the gingerbread house as much as we can. After we are done and it's after Christmas we eat it. It was fun.

I like to watch Christmas movies too!! I watch them with my family. One of my favorite Christmas movies is "Santa Paws". When I was little I watched it all of the time. It's a good movie about Christmas puppies that try to help save Christmas. Now I have Santa Paws 2. Everyone should watch it.

Kaitlyn Bisaillon

My favorite part about Christmas is that it is Jesus' birthday. It is a very special day. I like to go to church during this holiday season. My whole family goes to the evening sermon.

I like presents! This year I am excited to download apps to my iPhone. I will play the games with my step-sister.

I love to make a gingerbread house because they are so fun to make. They are fun to make because you get to put the candy on the roof and eat the extra pieces. I can get messy with the glue, which is really frosting. It always looks professional when I am done!

Chase Feist

When my brother and I go outside we like to make igloos. We make them with one big hole at the top so we can do snowball fights. We make the igloo with snow first. Then we splash it with cold water.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is exchanging gifts. You never know what you might get. You might get a really cool gift like I did. My gift was a DS. I bet you might get one too...(if you ask your mom or dad).

Sierra Nelson

My favorite parts of Christmas are making ornaments, making cookies and opening presents.

I like making ornaments for Christmas because we do it as a family. We use styrofoam balls and wrap bendy paper around them. We put sparkles, candy, and diamonds on them. After that we put them on the Christmas tree.

I make cookies with my grandma. She lets me pick shapes out. I usually pick Santa or a Christmas tree. We buy the peanut butter cookie mix and stir it up. Before we bake the cookies we cut the shapes out of the dough. They are my favorite kind of cookie.

Opening presents is fun because I get lots of toys. I usually get zoobles as gifts. I am really going to like Christmas this year. We are celebrating at my dad's house.

Morgan Cody

I like drinking cocoa after playing in the snow. We get warm and watch movies about Christmas. We watch a lot of movies.

We sometimes make ornaments. We put sparkles on them. I help put them up on higher spots. My brothers put them on smaller spots. Then we put the star up on the tree.

I make pie, cake, and cookies with my family and friends for Christmas. Sometimes we go to my grandma's house and cook. We give some to Santa and eat some.

Kendyl Egr

My favorite thing about Christmas is spending time with my family. It is fun. We open presents in the morning and see what we got. We sit around and talk and then eat. After we eat, we get to open presents again. Then we can play with the toys. It is fun.


My favorite thing about Christmas is setting up the Christmas tree. I like to put the ornaments on the tree. I like to put a special ornament on the tree that I made. It would be cool if I could have a lego tree this year. I would build it by myself. I want to make a lego ornament then I will put the ornament on the tree.

Seth J.

My favorite thing about Christmas is going out and getting the Christmas tree. I like to decorate my tree. Our tree is usually big. We always decorate our tree in red and white. We put the tree in the living room. The best part is when my dad picks me up so I can put the star on top of our tree.


My favorite thing about Christmas is miracles. I like Christmas miracles that are getting something that you didn't think you would get. My Christmas miracle was an X-Box. How old are you Santa? You might have magic dust that can make you a little young. My most favorite thing about Christmas is snow.


My favorite part of Christmas is making Christmas cookies with my mom and brother.

I like opening presents and seeing what I get. We make chocolate chip cookies. The reason I like opening presents is to see what my brother got and what I got.

Conor McAllister

My favorite part of Christmas is when I get presents and get to make cookies with my mom.

I really want to see the presents under the tree. I will go to Sioux City to see my grandparents. We will make gingerbread cookies.

Joshua Jessen

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