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Yutan Fifth Grade Class write about their favorite party of Christmas

Yutan Fifth Grade Class write about their favorite party of Christmas

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Childrens' Greetings

John Wiegert’s Fifth grade class at Yutan Elementary School write about their Favorite Part of Christmas.

My favorite part of Christmas is playing in the snow. I like playing in the snow because my friends and I make snow angels, build forts, sled and have fun. It is all really fun because when we sled we try all kinds of ways like two person, on your back, backwards and that’s just to name a few. That is my favorite thing about Christmas.

Michaela Dooley

My favorite part of Christmas is getting presents. Last year my brother got coal, but it was actually gum. This I want a monkey, but if that does not work, I want an electric scooter. A if that does not work I want a renote control helicopter.

Ethan Strand

My favorite part of Christmas is getting to see my family because I don’t get to see them very often. My uncle Field, Aunt Jackie, and my 3 cousins, Camden, Grayson and Layla, all come to town to see us. We all build snowmen, have snowball fights, and we all have a blast! Christmas is my favorite holiday! Happy Holidays!

Ellie Walden

My favorite part of Christmas is playing in the snow. I like to make snowdeer. I like to go sledding with my dad and my brother and I like to have snowball fights. Once I made a snow Godzilla.


The thing I like best about Christmas is that you get to see some of your family. My Uncle Rob comes up every one or two years. He lives in Oklahoma. So we don’t get to see him a lot. So its nice to see him when he comes up.

Salem Kennedy

My favorite part of Christmas is the presents. I really like waking up in the morning and trying to open the presents. I always try to wake up early in the morning. But I really enjoy opening presents.

Naim Salazar

My favorite part of Christmas is decorating the tree because I get to spend time with my family. It’s so fun because my family puts up are own ornaments. The tree looks so pretty when its done. My family has the ornaments from the movie Rudolph. My favorite part of the tree is the angel. My sister and I have little Christmas trees in our room. The ornaments on them are from my dad, mom and grandma from all these years.

Molly Davis

My favorite part of Christmas is going to bed on Christmas Eve and then waking up and opening presents. I wake all my family up, and we open presents. This year the youngest get to go first. I get to go second. I love Christmas.

Lily Moroschak

My favorite part of Christmas is opening the presents on Christmas morning. My family gives me a lot of presents. It is fun to have all the family over. Christmas is my favorite time of the year!

Chase Brown

My favorite part of Christmas is cinnamon rolls because my mom makes them and they smell delicious. I also like them because they are good with hot chocolate after your done playing outside.

Bobby Hageman

My favorite thing about Christmas is Christmas Eve because my family goes to church. At church everyone has a lit candle, and then they turn off all the lights. I love to see all the florescent light of all the candles glowing.

Also my favorite thing about this Christmas is that my family is flying to New York for a week. While we are there, were going to see relatives that we don’t see very often. We are also going to watch the Broadway show the Rocketts. While we are there we are to my cousin Maggie’s wedding, and my sister and I are flower girls.

Those are my favorite things about Christmas.

Emma Lloyd

My favorite part of Christmas is being with family and continuing traditions. Every Christmas we spend time with all of our family. We usually go to five places for Christmas. On Christmas Eve we have a big dinner with about forty people. For dinner as a main course we have fish because it is a tradition to have fish at this meal. Then after we eat, we say the rosary because it is a tradition since my grandparents were kids. After we do the rosary, we go to church with the whole family. After church gets over, we go to Grandma’s house and play games until its really late. A new tradition we started in the last few years is a countdown calendar to Christmas. My mom creates clues and we find the prizes. Traditions and being with family is my favorite part of Christmas.

Colby Tichota

My favorite part of Christmas is waking up and finding presents under the Christmas tree. I love opening presents because I like getting new toys to play with. New toys are fun to play with. That is my favorite part of Christmas.

Hope Kult

My favorite part of Christmas is presents. This is because my family gives out great presents. One of the best Christmas presents I’ve ever gotten was a phone because you can call and text people. I also like to give gifts to people because it makes me feel good. That’s my favorite part of Christmas.

Rachel Pohl

My favorite thing about Christmas is making cookies because my brothers Tyler, Sean and I each get to pick our own color. I pick pink. Tyler picks green and Sean picks blue. We also get to pick our own design. That is my favorite thing about Christmas.

Maddi Henkel

My favorite part about Christmas is decorating the tree. Once we pick out the tree, we take it home and put it up in the living room next to the window. Then my dad takes all the lights and hangs them up. My brothers, Austin, Joshua and Dylan and my sister, Courtney, and I all take part in this.

At my house we have a lot of ornaments so it takes a while for us to finish. Most of the time my sister puts the special ones on top. The other kids just put the other ornaments where ever we think they’re needed. But once they’re all on, my mom or dad puts an angel on top and we all think the tree looks perfect.

Emily Fisher

My favorite thing about Christmas is the Christmas songs. I like Christmas songs because I love to sing. The songs that I like are: Jingle Bells, Winter Wonderland and Oh, Christmas Tree. I also like to listen to Christmas songs on the radio. Sometimes I like to sing to my family to help put them in the Christmas spirit. We always listen to music at Christmas and I even get to play Christmas music on my clarinet this year. These are reasons I like music the most at Christmas time.

Caitlyn Shaw

My favorite part of the holiday is to be sitting by the fire, hot cocoa in hand. The freezing temperatures outside make it perfect.

Another favorite part of the holiday is decorating our Christmas tree and hanging lights all over our house.

My most favorite part of the holiday is spending time with my family,


My favorite part of the holiday would be the white snow. There’s not much to it. It’s just like a blank piece of paper, but instead of one thin layer why not have more thicker layers. First it starts as soft little snowballs falling from the sky. Once it hits the palm of your hand or the ground it just melts away. You give a sigh because the snow doesn’t stay long enough for you to play and have fun. The first thing the next morning you get out of bed, look out your window, and see if there’s carpets of snow laying on the ground waiting for you to make snow angels, snow men, and igloos out of it. It looks like it isn’t that high but high enough to have a snowball fight with friends. You quickly eat your breakfast, then get in your snow clothes, run outside, plop yourself on the snow to check if it’s good for playing in, but realize it’s just wet, gushy, and muddy. You feel tears in your eyes but decide to hold it in and instead of feeling sad you feel angry. You stomp the ground with all your might. You go back in the house, walk into your room, slam the door hard enough to make your parents upset. You ask yourself if you’ll ever have any fun in the snow. The whole day you’re eating your lunch and dinner in your room just watching TV. You fall asleep late, then wake up in the morning do the same you did last time, go to your window look to see if there’s blankets of snow on the ground. This time the snow is high and thick. You think “wow the day is finally here.” You eat your breakfast, put on your snow clothes, plop yourself on the snow and make a snow angel. This is the best day you had all winter.


My favorite part of the holiday is the snow. The snow allows you to have snowball fights and sledding. Snow sometimes just fills me with joy. Sometimes it reminds me that Christmas is about here.

When we go sledding my dad drives the 4-wheeler very fast. One year he went so fast that when he turned he hit ice and the sleds rope hit a tree the sled tipped over and I hit my head on the tree trunk. To make matters worse I rolled down a big ditch which made me dizzy. Sledding takes up a lot of time in my day.

Another one of my favorite things are the gifts. I don’t want to sound greedy or anything but I do like gifts. I don’t need any gifts, but my parents always think I do. Last year I got a basketball hoop that can go up to seven feet in my basement. It cost $250.

People should always remember that Christmas is not about gifts or snow its’ about Jesus birthday. Christmas is the best holiday ever.


My favorite part of the holiday is I like to decorate, because I get to put up a town of people and people Christmas caroling.

My really favorite part of decorating is I get to dig out a Christmas tree and we get to put balls and decorations on the tree.


My favorite part of the holiday is waking up Christmas morning and opening presents. My sister and I always set our alarm clocks for 5:00 in the morning. Then, we wake up our parents and go to the living room and open presents. My dad always records us opening presents.

I hope this year I get that special thing I want.


My favorite part about Christmas is learning about Jesus’ birthday. I always listen to see how it all started. To learn more about Jesus’ birthday my family and I go to a Westside play. It really shows you how it all happens. The play teaches you how to pray to Jesus when things are rough. They even bring in real animals. At my church we sing Christmas carols and even perform a play. This to me is the true meaning of Christmas.


My favorite part of the holiday is when Jesus is born. How my family celebrates is we put up lights. My grandma has a statue of Jesus, the three wise men and other pieces.

My favorite song during Christmas is Silent Night. I also like Jingle Bells.

I usually ask for a Chihuahua, but, I am not going to this year. I do like giving gifts to everyone – most of the time nobody is left out.

The Christmas tree is probably the most fun thing of Christmas. I’m not much for Christmas Eve dinners. Eating just isn’t my thing. I’m a very picky eater, just to let you know. I don’t like mashed potatoes. I hate pie and I absolutely positively don’t like casserole.

Merry Christmas!


I love opening presents, but my favorite part of the holiday is spending time with my family. It’s so special when they all come together. My family is split up into four different towns and in two states. So when I get to see them after three years, all the things that change when we’re together and do things we don’t do alone. After Christmas all that goes away. I look forward to next year when my family is whole again.


My favorite part of the holiday is getting to see my family. I do not need new things, but it is nice of them to think of me. Half of my family is all about presents, but not me. I just like to see their faces. It makes me smile. I love how I get to see my family even if they live far away. It is very good to just see their faces light up like Christmas lights. When it is present giving time, everyone runs out to the tree. People need to know what the real meaning of Christmas is. It is not presents, it is family.

Rachel S.

My favorite part of the holiday is Santa. He is the one who makes Christmas unique. He goes house to house giving presents and filling stockings. I really would like to make cookies for him. I hope he would give me stuff off my Christmas list.

Logan B.

My favorite part of the holiday is when my brother and I get to open presents. My brother and I open our presents from our mom and dad on Christmas Eve. We open our presents from Santa Claus on Christmas morning.

My dad takes my brother and me sledding by pulling us behind our Kawasaki Terex in the cornfield. One time my brother had a styrofoam sled and cornstalks popped through it. He had to use my plastic sled to finish the day.

Rachel 0.

What is my favorite part of the holiday? Well, my favorite part of the holiday is having dinner with my family on Christmas Eve. First we make sure that all of the food is cooked and ready. Then, we make sure that everyone else that is coming is at our house.

You might ask what kind of food we have. Well, we have foods such as Pirohy dough with mashed potatoes inside of it. Sometimes we have turkey, my Aunt Denise's famous green bean casserole (You can't come to a single family get together without her green bean casserole. Yuck! ). Also corn off the cob, and all this other great food.

I love spending time with my family. I also love most of the food there. I can't wait until Christmas Eve!


My favorite part of the Holidays is the presents, and back in Idaho it was so fun. I remember how I would wake up every Christmas and try to open my presents before anyone else could, but it would never work. Another favorite part is how I would head down to my friends house on my bike to see what they got for Christmas. But anyway for Christmas this year I want a skateboard and an alarm clock.


Baby Jesus

Follow the Star to the One and Only

The True King, our Only King

See the bright light and there you will see

A brand new baby in the hay laying

He who came from the Father full of grace and truth

The One and Only

That will die and make everybody

Safe from their sin

The sin that makes us far away from God

When you spell Christmas Do you see a word?


You see the word Christ

And now you know why we celebrate Christmas


I like opening presents with my family. I also like playing with my toys after I get done opening them. Another thing I like is taking out the goods in our stockings together. My favorite part is having dinner with my family. That is my favorite part because we get to bond with each other.


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