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Neumann Graduation Speech Melanie Blum Valedictorian

Neumann Graduation Speech Melanie Blum Valedictorian

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Bishop Bruskewitz, Faculty, Staff, Parents, Family, Friends and Bishop Neumann Alumni: on behalf of the Class of 2012, I would like to welcome you here today to celebrate our graduation.

My little brother Theo was trying to give me advice on my speech and insisted that I start with a joke. Unfortunately the only joke he gave me was, “What did Batman say to Robin two seconds before they got into the Batmobile?”(pause) “Let’s get in the Batmobile.” Later after pondering about our class for a while, I realized that we actually have some parallels between this joke and our class.

For starters we are a fairly simple class. We are not too over the top, not too quiet, and we tend to stay in the lines. Our only rebellious act has been a fun day of coloring…on our school shirts. Also as a class when we decide to “get in the batmobile,” we do. In other words, when put our minds to something, we accomplish our goals. Many of our classmates throughout our high school careers have excelled in sports, speech, music, and fine arts. In the sports category, our senior boys led the team to a third place victory in the State Basketball Tournament this year. We also made up half of the Show Choir with our 11 seniors.

Going along with the Batmobile theme, we have taken quite “the ride” throughout high school. Our freshmen year our studies and activities began to kick in gear. Although we quickly learned that adding an “o” to then end of every word, does not make it Spanish. “El right-o?” We also received our first taste of high school dances as we went to Homecoming for the first time. A tradition started when many of us went to Cera Woita’s house before the dance for a fancy dinner cooked by the famous chef, Ralph Woita.

As our sophomore year “rolled” around, we had started to get the feel for high school. No longer forced to do the grunt work that freshmen have to do, we started to enjoy our year. One of our highlights was our P.E. Classes. Sophie will never wear shorts that are too big for her again while playing volleyball, because she learned the hard way that they can easily come down. Mr. Lanik did quite the dance move when he turned away from the situation.

As we “cruised” into our junior year, we finally became upperclassmen, except this was also the only year since 7th grade that we did not get to go first in the lunch line. All year we were also looking forward to Prom! Working as a class and with our parents to put this on was a rather large task, but we all enjoyed it.

Then finally we arrived at our senior year! With our excitement in “full throttle,” we walked through the cafeteria doors on August 17th, as our last first day of school at Bishop Neumann. Unfortunately we soon discovered that our school workload had not decreased the way we had hoped. In fact for most of us, it increased immensely. Honors Literature and Physics were two classes that kept us working hard and challenged us every day. Although, in Honors Literature we did vote on who was the cutest boy in our class. It was a close race between Mitch and Cole. Needless to say Mitch, a.k.a. Calvin Klein, won. Also, the “friendly” banter about whose week it was for open campus was always a hot topic on Thursdays. You could even hear us talking about it all the way down the hall. One important thing we leaned this year through Walker’s example is that it is not a good idea to bring your girlfriend to lunch. We also realized that we have some pretty stellar dancers in our class: Matt, Trevor Weiss, Scott Brabec, and Kaleb. We also have some less than stellar dancers: Cole, Travis, Trevor Ludwig, Scott Dailey, and Michael. Maybe the song choice of Double Dream Hands was part of their problem.

Throughout our high school years many people have made an impact on our class and helped us become who we are today. Our teachers, parents, and coaches have been the most influential. However, Eric Carlson and his book, The Hungry Caterpillar, have also made a lasting impression upon our class, as it is still our favorite book. Also, I won’t easily forget my dad’s countless in-depth science lectures on our drives home from gymnastics when I was in grade school. Our teachers, coaches, and parents have instilled in us the qualities and skills that we will take with us as we go on in our futures. Our Catholic education and faith is something we will cherish and carry on with us our entire lives.

As we prepare to move on, it is a sad yet exciting time for all of us. I know that my little sister, Nicole, reminds me at least twice a week that she will miss me when I go to college. I know that I will miss my family and classmates, but our high school memories are forever imprinted on our minds.

Miss Sydik asked us in class one day, “What is a compliment that you have received that has really meant something to you?” If I were to answer this for our class I would have numerous ones to choose from because many of our teachers have made nice comments about our class. They have said how great of a class we are and how much they have enjoyed having us in class. By being good senior leaders we set the tone for the entire school year and helped the younger students to learn and develop as well. I believe this is an accomplishment of which our class should be very proud.

And with that our “ride” has brought us to today, our graduation day. We will continue on our journey with all of our memories of high school, and start our futures from the knowledge we have gained here. We have been very blessed by God to have had the opportunity to attend Bishop Neumann. We have received not only the physical and emotional skills to help us, but also the spiritual blessings and gifts that will allow us to become productive young men and women of today’s society. I am now proud to present to you the Bishop Neumann Graduating Class of 2012.

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