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Mead Elementary 3rd grade letters to Santa

Mead Elementary 3rd grade letters to Santa

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Mead Elementary School third graders wrote letters to Santa.

Dear Santa,

I want for Christmas is a hamster, carrie cage a bag of M&M’s, a hamster ball with alide stuck to it.

Thank you,


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like a pop gun to play with my friends.



Dear Santa,

I wish for a moter skooter that is gray and red. Have a mary Christmas!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Dear Santa,

I want a lagoona blue for Christmas. And a puppy. I want all the monster highes.


Please Santa,

I want a 3 D.D.S., a laptop and a I pad 2 touch.

Jacob H.

Dear Santa,

Christmas is always boreing with you. If I wer in charge I would give the kids cool gifts like a army tanker, a snow machaine. You stink you better make me a new Santa or else!


Jack Frost

Dear Santa,

Thank you for all the presents you have given me. Thank you for the castle with Cinderella. Thank you for the 3Ds it is fun to play. Thank you for Strawberry Shortcake. This year I have a different list. Here is the list please Don’t take. But you don’t have to give me everything on this list. Please try to give all the little girls and boys presents because I still want them to be happy to just like me. Timber has been good this year. Tell Mrs. Claus that I said Hi.



Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is a ford, pop, I pad, I pod and a toy.




I wish fore a new game called ass wina o redtll. I wish for new coths. Please!



Dear Santa,

I want a eye spy for crismas and a I pad and with it I wont a free ckgy game with it calld coll of dotymu 3.


Dear Santa,

I pad mine, cat, phinger paint, to go to Wyoming, soocter, and what ever else.


Dear Santa,

I wish that all the things I told my mom that I want I will get. And I wish I can get camo parashoot cord.


Dear Santa,

I would like skylanders, a skanteboard ramp, a army play set, madden 12 and 11 for wii, DS games, wii games.



Dear Santa,

I have not not been naughty this year so I hope I will get presents this year beacause I am giving lots of presents. Please give me a 3DS and a lot of carrots.



Dear Santa,

I want a new four wheeler, a new clothes, that mens new shoes too, a big back yard, but I know you are not going to do what I said, but I stel love you Santa.



Dear Santa,

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love presents, cookies and spending time with family but most off all I like that Jesus gets a birthday. I really wish for a kendell fire.



PS you rock.

Dear Santa,

I wish I could have a robot puppy a phone a I pad touch, panio lessons sirg lessons, P.S. you are the best man on earth how do you go around the world in one night I bet you have to go realy fast. PS you are like a grampa to me.

I hope you can get me to but I realy want you to get everybody in the world because it would be very nice if you would get my dogs and my bunnys gifts to please and thank you get everybody pet the hole world do not get the for homers deck.

Santa you should take a brake next year. Because you have been working so hard. I want you to take a brake just for next that is all you rock Santa.

Please do not forget my baby brother.


Dear Santa,

I would like an I pod touch for Christmas.


Collin Konecky


Anser this. Are you real sign yes if you are real no if you arnt. Yes No.

Ethan Christensen

Dear Santa,

I love Christmas trust me its my favrote holiday. I love the Christmas songs. I love the Christmas shows on T.V. but I bet u know that its not all about the presents. Its about Jesus has his birthday,


Leah Kaylene Levin

Dear Santa,

Here is my wish list. I want an ipad, I want more ds games, I want 10 small notebooks, I want lot of magic treehouse books, I want a cheerleader outfit with pompoms,


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