WAHOO – The Wahoo City Council discussed proposed regulations for food trucks and mobile vendors at its most recent meeting.

At a previous meeting, Tom Rustermier, a local restaurant owner, spoke to the city council about a food truck owned by Deana Briggs that he felt was located too close to his establishment. The council then asked City Administrator Melissa Harrell to draw up a set of regulations regarding food trucks. Briggs also attended last Thursday’s meeting.

The proposed regulations discussed included requiring a license to be issued by the city and an application fee that must be renewed annually.

The location of food trucks and mobile vendors was also included in the proposed regulations. They would not be allowed within 150 feet of a permanent food establishment and not in the city right-of-way or on public parking lots. They can only be operated in areas that are zoned for commercial or industry. If located on private property, they must have written consent from the owner.

Harrell said the council had additional questions regarding the distance from restaurants and possible background checks for the food truck or mobile vendor operators.

The council agreed to revise the ordinance before voting on the agenda item at a future meeting, she added.

The council also heard from Tyler Hevlin of JEO Consulting Group about the trail system link. It is a small piece of trail that runs from 23rd Street to 20th Street just north of the new JEO building. The ground was deeded to the city as part of the redevelopment agreement, Harrell said.

Hevlin said the trail link is complete, trees have been planted and the property is ready to be transferred to the City of Wahoo as per the redevelopment agreement.

The council voted to accept the warranty deed transferring the property to the city.

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