MALMO – The Nebraska State Patrol has arrested the fiancé of a woman who authorities believe was killed Tuesday night in Malmo.

Kolton Barnes, 25, has been booked into Saunders County Jail on suspicion of first-degree murder and animal cruelty in connection with the slaying of Kayla Matulka, 27.

At about 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Saunders County deputies went to Matulka’s home in Malmo after a neighbor found her body.

Matulka had several stab wounds, according to the State Patrol. A dog was also found dead at the home.

According to court documents, another woman, the mother of Barnes’ child, filed a motion on Monday in Gage County seeking to have custody exchanges happen at the Beatrice Police Department. The woman said her mother has been handling the exchanges because of the “threats, name calling, belittling and bullying that (Barnes) and his girlfriend do to me.”

“They gang up on my through text messages and on my mother in person. I admit I do respond back to the texts and sometimes I am not nice either,” according to a court document. “I am afraid for my child and myself during exchanges the way (Barnes) and his girlfriend act.”

The woman then filed another motion asking for help from Saunders County Sheriff’s Office because Barnes took their child back to his home Sunday night instead of returning the child to her.

She had told Barnes that she expected him to return the child Monday morning.

The woman withdrew the motion after she convinced Barnes to return the child to the Saunders County Sheriff’s Office Monday night.

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