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Letters to Editor

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Have you been paying attention to how the votes are counted – or in this case, not being counted – here in the state of Nebraska? Our state constitution promises us transparency in the voting process, but all we get is confusion, obfuscation, and a total lack of transparency.

Take, for instance, write-in votes.

Did you even know that there were write-in candidates on the ballot? There were two for governor, and a handful for other positions as well, many of them for local or county positions. Where are the tallies posted by the Nebraska Secretary of State for those write-in candidates? How many people voted for them?

What about the tallies for write-in votes for people who didn't file to run? While they can't win, wouldn't it still be the ethical thing to do to report the number of votes that were cast for them?

But contrary to Nebraska state law, Bob Evnen insists that he doesn’t have to let us know how many people voted for write-in candidates. And in fact, the way that some of the vote tallies are adding up, it’s unclear whether or not he’s even respecting our votes if we’ve written someone in or if he’s assigning those votes to other candidates (such as himself).

I called his office about this, and his secretary tried to fob me off on someone else. And then she said that someone would call me back. After all the lies and misdirection from his office, and blatant refusals to restore transparency and election integrity, I’m not holding my breath.

I'm tired of this obstruction. I hope that you are too. Enough is enough. Please contact Bob Evnen's office and ask him to resign.

Krystine Kercher,


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