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Races and Demos bring excitement to the Saunders County Fair

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WAHOO- If you are a racing fan of any kind, then the Saunders County Fair was the place to be on July 28 for the annual Figure 8 races. Winning this year’s event was Collin Demuth in the Open Class, A.J. Hansen in the Stock Class, and then Brian Pribyl in the Compact Class.

There was only one disqualification that was handed during the races and that went to Matthew Shockey who was initially determined the winner of the Stock Car Feature. Other than that, it was a clean night of racing.

On July 29, it was the demo’s turn to take center stage at the fair. There were five different categories this year which included Bonestock, Limited Weld, 90’s & Newer, Combines, and Modified Compacts.

A new class for this year’s demo was the Combines which featured six contestants. Coming out as the champion of the group was Derrick Ptacek with “Melvins Hellim”.

Winning the Bonestock Class was Kirk Sake and Dalton Wortman picked up first in the Limited Weld. The last man standing in the 90s and Newer competition was Todd Blaske and Kevin Odman took first in the Modified Compacts.

On top of the great showing by the drivers on both nights, the weather was beautiful for the events as well. This is one of the factors why there were crowds that exceeded the seating in the Rodeo Arena on the Saunders County Fairgrounds on both nights.

The rest of the results from the Figure 8 races and the Demolition Derby can be found below.

Saunders County Fair Figure 8 Races

Open Class- 1. 51 Collin Demuth, 2. 29 Tyler Winkler, 3. 65 Chris Schweitzer, 4. 3D Dylan Axline, 5. 92 Toby Beckmann, 6. 63 Adam Parrott, 7. 56 Matthew Cook, 8. 65 Brad Burhenne, 9. 22X Justin Cecrle; Stock Class: 1. 81X A.J Hansen, 2. 17 Patrick Cook, 3. 13 Michael Wize, 4. C4 Darren Meinke, 5. 14 Josh Scholting, 6. 28 Eric Tvrdy, 7. 95 Evan Kovar, 8. 16 Jack Herman, 9. 9 Scott Bergmark, 10. 18s Matthew Shockey; Compact Class: 1. 3 Brian Pribyl, 2. 15B Brian Koranda, 3. 23X Bryant Bartek, 4. 64 Tanner Beckmann, 5. 104H Jacob Hahn, 6. 8 Dalton Burke, 7. 27Z Lane Zimmer, 8. 73 Marshall Strong, 9. 91 Jason Semrad, 10. 808 Bob Gulliksen.

Saunders Count Fair Demolition Derby

Bonestock Class- 1. 55 Kirk Sake, 2. 67 Jordan Volkmer, 3. 06 Mike Kahler, 4. 99 Conor McKenney, 5. 14 Josh Scholting, 6.72 Dalton Vrba, 7. 33 Kelsie Locke; Limited Weld- 1. 22W Dalton Wortman, 2. T21 Tyler Maas, 3. 9t Shawn Meyer, 4. 9t1 Paxton Minnig, 5. 21 Justyce Stankoski, 6. 22B Michael Boelle, 7. 76 Aaron Kadavy, 8. 11X Brad Jelinck; 90s & Newer- 1. 84 Todd Blaske, 2. 7t7 Karter Kopecky, 3. 36913 Jason Holtz, 4. 07 Joy Schultz, 5. 9 Curtis Hartshopn, 6. 12A Ashley Brezina, 7. 8 Josh Pycha, 8. 23X Bryant Bartek, 9. 49R Lane Watson, 10. 69J Dustin Jaskulski, 11. 33X Hayden Bartek; Combines- 1. Derrick Ptacek “Melvin’s Hellim”, 2. Cody Moravec “Elmer Rides Again”, 3. Joe Scanlon “Bills Basher”, 4. John Houfek “Mean 715”, 5. Trevor Cross “Cerial”, 6. Skyler Shanahan “Fence Line Fugitive”; Modified Compacts- 1. 3k Kevin Odman, 2. 89 Candice Freese.


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