ASHLAND – A water source study done by the City of Ashland reveals that the area contains adequate water for the community’s future needs.

A representative from JEO Consulting Group told the Ashland City Council at its meeting last Thursday that Ashland is in a “good situation” regarding the amount of water available.

“You guys are lucky, there’s a lot (of water) here,” said JEO’s Mitch Klein.

The study outlines what the city should do when the population grows enough to need more water than is currently being supplied or a major business development needing large amounts of water is proposed.

The first of the study’s three phases is adding a new well, which wouldn’t need to be implemented until 2030, Klein said. The well would be placed at 29th and Boyd streets, where a test well was drilled when the city was assessing locations for its last new well a few years ago.

The second phase would include planning a well field north of Ashland and drilling a test well at the site.

“There looks to be adequate capacity for a lot more water just north of town,” Klein said.

Phase 3 would install the first large well in the well field and continue to expand the well field as the city’s needs grow.

Klein said the study should be put “on a shelf” now and “dusted off” when needed.

City Administrator Jessica Quady said the city commissioned the study, which was completed two months ago. She chose to wait until the council was meeting face-to-face for JEO to present the study to the council.

In other action, the council determined a nuisance at 2602 Adams St. has not been abated by the final deadline and authorized city staff to proceed according to code with cleanup of the property. The property owner will be served by law enforcement prior to action by the city.

The council also approved conditional use permits for a bed and breakfast at 203 N. 15th St., a domestic dog kennel at 1605 Furnas St. and use of a firearm at 2726 Furnas St. under the ordinance approved by the council after annexation of outlying areas of the city last year.

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