Rancho Neuvo

Daniel Jiminez

ASHLAND – Just like the rest of us, Daniel Jiminez of Omaha is looking forward to summer.

He’s especially excited to be able to combine his passion for horses with the presentation of an equestrian show at his new business north of Ashland.

The business, Rancho Neuvo, which means “new ranch” in Spanish, will feature equestrian shows, rodeos and dance exhibitions.

“The property is located on County Road 3 near Ashland,” he said. “It’s a unique concept where the owners can bring their horses to participate in contest.”

Jiminez wants it to be family friendly environment that everyone can enjoy.

“We still have various requirements pending to ensure peoples’ safety as well as the animals but will have other activities people can enjoy like a mechanical bull,” he said.

Although Jiminez has been a spectator and a fan at similar events at rodeos he said his passion for horses is something that was instilled at an early age.

“Every time my parents would travel to Mexico, I would always be around them and would have fun horseback riding around the ranch. I do enjoy watching and being a part of these great traditions,” he said.

According to Jiminez, there are other ideas for additional activities but they are currently in the planning phases which he hopes will bring everyone a pleasant experience.

“We have many other plans and activities,” he said. “We are still working through the planning process to achieve a pleasant experience, not only for the people on horses, but also spectators watching.”

Jiminez said he’s dreamed about owning a business like this for a very long time.

“I would attend other places that would have this kind of entertainment and fun, but most of them were really far or in another state,” he said. “I thought to myself that it would be great to have one of these outdoor events not so far from home and was finally was able to seize this opportunity to do something special.”

Jiminez said he is starting from scratch and building on the current property.

“It does have a rodeo pen that we are starting with,” he said. “I plan on building a little bit at a time to improve as we host more events.” 

Jiminez is only a few steps away from having everything ready to go but the wait also includes Mother Nature.

“The weather is very unpredictable in Nebraska,” he said. “We are working on the event space to make it more accommodating for everyone. I’m so grateful for Saunders County Board of Supervisors who gave me the opportunity to do something fun and special. Our plan is to be ready by summer, everyone will be welcome.”

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