Mahoney State Park

FUTURE: Work continues on Riverview Lodge at Mahoney State Park near Ashland, one of many projects underway at the park this summer. (Staff Photo by Anna Boggs)

ASHLAND – Mahoney State Park will be reopening parts of the park this week after having limited to no access to some of its amenities. 

While some things like the water park, butterfly pavilion and the Peter Kiewit Lodge will remain closed for the time, playgrounds, campsites for campers and RVs will be fully open along with all bathroom and shower facilities as of Thursday, June 4. Tent campsites will also be permitted in the park. 

“Starting on June 4 we will basically start to resume our operations in our campgrounds,” Park Superintendent Jake Rodiek said. “We will be opening our first come, first serve site, and will be honoring all the reservations that have currently been made for these sites. We’ll be working with guests very closely and inform them about who has reservations coming in, but we’re looking to get back to normal as much as we can now.”     

All cabins however, will remain closed until currently June 15.

While things open up, the park staff will be sanitizing facilities to help ensure everyone’s safety as much as possible. Staff will deep clean the restroom and shower facilities a couple times each day and even the playgrounds have plans for maintenance.

“We’ll be putting up precautionary signage regarding health directives to those areas,” Rodiek said. “Our protocol to clean the playgrounds will be first thing in the morning, right around eight o’clock we’ll sanitize all the touch surfaces and such on the playgrounds daily. We’ll have a big crew out and about making sure we’re doing everything possible to ensure guests and staff are safe. Alongside that we’re looking forward to opening the playgrounds back up for people to enjoy again.”

Caddy’s Parkside Grill reopened on June 3, but the rest of the lodge will still be closed.

“As for our restaurant, we just reopened that on June 3, the lodge itself we’re still waiting on a few things to get our office back open, but we’re very happy to get our restaurant open again, it’s great for our campers and anyone coming out to enjoy the park,” Rodiek said.  

However, they hope to reopen more if not the rest of the facilities soon.  

“We’re still waiting on some direction for what our game plan should be going forward with other facilities,” Rodiek said. “As soon as we get the go ahead to open those things back up we’ll be 100 percent ready to go. We’re just waiting still on some direction on what our plan is going to be for the activity areas, all we can do now is make ourselves as ready as we can be for when we can reopen those.”

Some things however remain closed such as the observation tower as construction projects continue to progress. Rodiek says they hope to have work concluded before this next winter arrives. 

“Currently we have a project where the Riverview Lodge, next to the observation tower used to be, we are getting a new facility up there,” Rodiek said. “Construction is underway and it will be a nice large venue where groups can rent it out. The venue will host up to about 300 people. We’ll have some round tables and it should be a great place for events such as weddings and corporate groups to meet at. It’s in a highly desired area and has a great view looking over the Salt Creek coming into the Platte River. We’re looking very forward to the completion of that project.” 

The park is also welcoming an addition to the Go Ape Treetop Adventure course.

“We’ve been using this time to build a new youth course and we’re excited to have that coming in. We’re in the process of installing that as of now, so we’ve been taking advantage of the shutdown as the crews have had access to all the courses and put things on the landscape to make improvements.” 

For more information on what’s all open at Mahoney, call the park at 402-944-2523.

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