ASHLAND – There will still be fireworks in Ashland on the Fourth of July, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. But the traditional activities that accompany the show have fallen victim to the virus.

The Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce announced on June 10 that they will hold a fireworks show only on July 4, but not the games, music and costume contests that usually go along with the show held at Memorial Stadium in Ashland.

The location will also be different. The fireworks will be launched from the Silver Street bridge over Salt Creek, starting at dark, said Chamber President Bradley Pfeiffer.

“We’re hoping more people will be able to see the fireworks from there,” he said.

Silver Street will be closed from Ninth to 13th streets all the day in preparation for the show, and during the show. Pfeiffer suggests parking in the lot at Jack Anderson Ball Park or in the downtown area to watch the show.

People are encouraged to stay in their cars to practice social distancing. Pfeiffer said he is working to get music broadcast over an FM radio channel so everyone can enjoy the patriotic music that normally accompanies the show.

The threat of spreading the coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, forced the cancellation of the games, which have been organized by the Ashland Rescue Department for the past few years.

The pandemic has also forced the Chamber to cancel another popular event in Ashland. Pfeiffer announced that the Silver Street Flea Market, which was scheduled to be held Sept. 12, will not take place because of limitations on crowd size at outdoor events.

“We’re trying to maintain the guidelines,” said Pfeiffer.

Since the flea market was started in 2015, the crowds have grown each year, with an estimated 3,000 people descending on downtown Ashland last year to purchase antiques, vintage items, handmade crafts, baked goods and rummage sale goods from 80 vendors.

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