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We are a group of concerned citizens from every part of the Ashland-Greenwood School District and realize there is a need
for more space for our students. We believe a Bond for nearly $60 million dollars is way too much at this time. We would
support building an elementary school at a much more reasonable cost to the taxpayers.
There have been all kinds of levy projections thrown around to mislead the public about the cost of the project.
Here are the real facts as to how this will impact the taxpayers of this district.
The value of the property in our school district is right at $974,000,000. If you take 2 cents x $974M = $194,800 of taxes
collected per year.Take that times the 30 year Bond and you will have collected $5,884,000.
Now take the same $974M x 21 Cents = $2,045,400 of your taxes collected per year.Take that times the 30 year Bond and
you will have collected $61,362,000. As you can see the first scenario doesn’t come close to paying off a $59.9 million dollar
Bond.The 2nd scenario comes really close to what this Bond is asking for! Everyone has been asking for the truth about the
cost of this project. We believe that after you compare these two scenarios you will know the real cost to you!
1.The cost of this project is an Additional 21¢ to the Bond Fund and that’s for the next 30 years!
Here are the costs for this project in addition to your other school taxes.
Home Valuations
$200,000 + 160 dryland acres
$ Cost/Year
$ Cost for 30 Years
2.The size of this project is a real concern also.These buildings will add space for an additional 900 students, which has
nearly double what we currently have along with a competition gym, wrestling room and a 750 seat auditorium. If
these buildings are built in the next 2 years using the school’s projections 30% of these buildings will sit empty!!!

Can you afford this project? Can your family and neighbors?

Vote AGAINST the $59.9 Million School Bond this November!
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